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Why Learn This Technique?

There are many myofascial release techniques, why should you learn this one? I can think of four main reasons:

  1. Your clinical success is our main objective. You will find this work immediately useful. To that end you will be reviewed by the instructor or teaching assistants on every stroke you learn. Some of my students come to class Sunday morning and report truly remarkable and healing changes in friends and family they worked on Saturday night.
  2. This is an opportunity to learn techniques derived from Hellerwork/Rolfing — several of the most potent of all body therapies. More, you will be able to easily integrate them into your already established therapeutic routine or you can give a whole-body myofascial release massage.
  3. This is deep bodywork and it requires a deep level of trust. My workshops are designed to nurture the development of trust between a therapist and a client, and the trust a therapist has in his or her own abilities to handle well whatever the client brings to the session.
  4. You will feel the difference the Myofascial Release Massage makes in your own body. The work you receive in the seminar will heal some of your own long endured pain and restrictions of movement. You will certainly leave feeling a new sense of bodily wellbeing.
Howard Rontal demonstrates MRM Massage

"Not only did I take your seminar for credit hours but because everyone I asked said it was incredible. What an understatement!

"I not only have seen tremendous results from the work but the confidence I gained through your style of teaching and encouragement throughout the seminar is something I'll treasure and remember during my career as an LMT."

Jill Perline
Cortland, Ohio

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